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Nowadays, sustainability is a popular and often used term. But what exactly is sustainability? And what does sustainability mean for your organization? TBR can help you get the answers to those questions.

At TBR, we really think it’s important that you run your business in a sustainable way. Therefore, we only provide you with sustainable solutions that bring your business an advantage. That way, we realize lower emissions, reuse of energy out of waste flows and save costs along the way.

You run a sustainable business

TBR advises its customers in sustainability by setting up energy flows as efficiently as possible. That includes water, gas, air and oil flows. Thanks to many years of experience with these kind of processes, we’re able to advise you on ‘steps to be taken’ that are necessary for your organization to become more sustainable. We operate non-exclusive and are not binded to other parties.

We take care of low emissions, low costs and as much renewable energy as possible in your company. That way, you will be sustainable and conscious about using energy sources that are being exhausted and save costs along the way!

We deliver sustainability

The claim “we deliver sustainability”, in our opinion, includes quality and environmental friendliness. Our systems are fully built with materials that can be reused, such as stainless steel, steel and aluminum. In addition, we use high quality materials to provide you with an installation that will last for years!

Besides giving advice, we support projects for which we (partially) conducted the engineering. We are very much focussed on taking care of our customers throughout the entire process. That way you can do what you’re good at: running your business!

People, Planet, Profit

The terminology “People, Planet, Profit” is very regularly being used by industrial companies to indicate that they work and/or produce in a sustainable way. Nonetheless, their products are often filled with harmful plastics and frequently unnecessary packaging materials are used. We use “People, Planet, Profit” as follows:

People: Low energy consumption and low CO2 emissions for our customers. This contributes to a better and healthier environment and, not to mention, your operating results.

Planet: Use as many recyclable materials as possible and minimize packaging materials.

Profit: Despite the very important environmental aspect, as an entrepreneur you want to be as economical as possible. By reducing or using your energy consumption in a smarter way, we minimise your cost prices and maximise your profits.