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Industrial laundries

Industrial laundries

Industrial laundries form a large part of our customer portfolio. Since the establishment of TBR we are closely involved in this industry and we have been able to introduce and participate in many technological developments. We fulfill a strong innovative role worldwide in optimizing your technical business processes and reducing your cost. Our many years of experience with industrial laundries makes us a valued partner in this industry.


Our systems allow your industrial laundry to part from boilers with regard to the full laundry process, both conventional and industrial. A great example is the construction of the first steamless laundry. As early as 1997, TBR built the first steamless laundry within the ‘open-end’ range. The Zero-Steam concept for the steamless laundry tube followed in 2007. Nowadays around 100 laundries all over the world use our Zero-Steam Technology.

A thorough knowledge of the process and clever engineering result in the production of innovative solutions. That way, the current state of technology enables washing with residual energy from the finishing process. Please feel free to contact us if you need advise about the possibilities of steamless washing.


Where the trend nowadays is often steamless, traditionally there is still a lot of steam in the laundry industry. Historically, TBR has a broad knowledge of steam and condensate technology. We offer solutions and improvements to your existing steam and condensate systems. By saving and reducing heat and energy in your process, the balance of your condensate flow shifts. This usually results in a loss of efficiency. Adjusting your steam and condensate balance is a challenge we gladly assist you in.

Good examples are the recycling of condensate heat as preheating on dryers or as heating of your laundry process. Our Air2air Technology currently is the only multidisciplinary working technology on dryers. Typically a TBR solution!

What can we do for you as a business in the laundry industry?:

  • Engineering and advice regarding process and energy optimisation
  • Performing energy audits, our so-called ‘Quick Scans’
  • Performing feasibility studies under specific requirements
  • Guidance on new construction and/or renovation projects
  • Full water supply and water treatment
  • Energy supply
  • Hot water supply
  • Filtration steps & water reuse
  • Heat recovery on all levels
  • Steam and condensate solutions
  • Transition to steamless washing
  • Construction of a steamless laundry
  • Apply solar energy to water heating
  • “Specials”: custom-made systems that fit perfectly into your laundry
  • Regular maintenance and inspections of your laundry facilities
  • Fully integrated and collaborative facilities

Many of our customers have taken advantage of our integrated approach which has led to tremendous improvements in the different phases of their production process. This saves energy and saves water, improves the product quality and increases the efficiency of your process flow. That results in a higher quality for a lower price!

You can find a few examples of our completed projects below: