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Engineering is enclosed in our DNA for almost 40 years. TBR Energy Solutions carries out the design, creation and realisation of products and technical solutions in-house. We have advanced 2D and 3D designing and drawing tools in which we design skids, processes and products. Furthermore, we have our own production space in which we build and test skids, products and prototypes. In short, TBR Energy Solutions offers you a one-stop shop experience for all your engineering solutions.

Process design

A successful project starts with the correct design of a process. Before starting with the operational part, we always provide insights into the new process through a Process & Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID). In this diagram we plot all the equipment and energy flows as efficiently as possible so that a specific building plan can be defined.

Skid design

Every customer has specific wishes, demands and needs for its processes. For most of the projects we design custom made skids, based on your specifications. We have our own engineers who design all skids in 3D. In this way you see exactly what will be delivered to you in the future and you can agree on the solution offered.

Product ontwerp

In an ever changing market and new demands on sustainability, innovation remains a very important aspect for TBR Energy Solutions. To stay ahead of the market and our competitors ánd to have our customer benefit from the use of new technologies, we always design and produce our own products.


Before we integrate new products into your business process, they are tested extensively in our own workshop and in the field. We take all practical aspects, such as environment, temperature, chemical fluids and chemical resistance into consideration. Only after all the products have met the requirements, they are finished and installed or delivered to you.

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