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Concrete industry

Concrete industry

In the concrete industry, your energy management is of great importance to deliver your product at top quality.

An efficient power generation is key. This provides the production process with the right quality and quantity with an optimized and efficient energy supply. In addition, optimal reuse of residual heat and waste energy within the energy management of companies is often a major challenge. We are looking forward to this low cost price challenge and are glad to be of assistance.

Process optimisation

In recent years, TBR has developed several drying rooms for the drying of concrete elements. Due to the construction of these drying rooms, the business processes for our customers in the concrete industry have been optimised and made more efficient. The quality of the product has increased and, in addition, the cost price has been reduced.

Generating energy

For years, TBR is specialized in power generation in a way where hot water is generated in a very efficient way. Energy recovery, such as described above, is complementary to the highly efficient heat generation and can be integrated seamlessly into your company’s production process.

Reuse of energy

TBR has proven to be an excellent partner, especially in energy recovery out of air at high and medium temperatures. We ensure that this waste energy is exchanged and reused. Various treatment phases of your products are heated with this residual waste heat. This saves energy, improves product quality and increases the efficiency of your process flow. That results in a higher quality for a lower price!

What we can do for you?:

  • Energy supply
  • Highly efficient power supply
  • Performing energy audits, our so-called ‘Quick Scans’
  • Performing feasibility studies under specific requirements
  • Guidance on new construction and/or renovation projects
  • Full water supply and water treatment
  • Tax free water supply
  • Apply solar energy to water heating
  • Heat recovery on all levels
  • Regular maintenance and inspections of your installation
  • Fully integrated and collaborative facilities

Many of our customers have taken advantage of our integrated approach which has led to tremendous improvements in the different phases of their production processes. This saves energy and saves water, improves the product quality and increases the efficiency of your process flow. That results in a higher quality for a lower price! With TBR Energy Solutions you have found the right partner! Do you want to know more about our solutions for the concrete industry? Please contact us.