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Industrial laundries

Our many years of experience working with industrial laundries makes us a valued partner in this industry.

Chemical industry

Efficient power generation is key in the chemical industry to achieve the right quality and quantity.

Galvanic industry

An optimized and efficient yield of power supply is crucial in the galvanic industry.

Paper industry

Using good quality water at low cost is a great challenge in the paper industry. Great opportunities of energy recovery because of large flows and many operational hours.

Food industry

In the food industry, hygiene, steam and condensate are vital factors.

Concrete industry

Due to the construction of drying rooms, the business processes of our customers in the concrete industry have been optimized and made more efficient.

Recent Projects


It’s our approach to quickly provide you with all the necessary aspects to achieve a profitable result with regard to the layout and use of your energetic processes.

Our approach consists of the following phases:

  • Advice

    Develop a desired situation where we provide advice, with and without energy-saving components, to help you set up and/or optimize your processes efficiently.

  • Audit

    Giving insight into the current energy flows within your processes.

  • Action

    Depending on your choice as a customer, we design, deliver and install the necessary components to provide your company with an efficient as possible energy flow!

In the above mentioned phases, we always work with Trias Energetica in our minds. Trias Energetica emphasizes the following aspects:

  • Reduce the (energy) demand
  • Use renewable energy
  • Use fossil fuels as efficiently as possible

We are proud to show you some of the successful projects we have completed in the past 40 years. Check out our cases and be amazed by the various possibilities!

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