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New agency in Australia & New Zealand with Burgundy Holdings
Erik Kuiper leaves TBR and sails into the future
30th Anniversary Reinders in 2009
Expanding business in Japan with KSC
TBR supplies AVEBE in Indonesia
Re use of heat in bath treatment zone Rheine Germany
Steamless laundry in Pontcharra France
Steamless laundry in Herstal Belgium
Strategic partnership with Christeyns N.V. Gent Belgium
For A&M savings up to 80%
Steamless laundry build in Weert
Steamless laundry Neutral barcelona Spian
Steamless laundry Lavans Helmond Netherlands
300m2 green energy for Lavans Helmond
Mitsubishi expands with Reinders
New subsidised project domestic fermentation
R.S.S. new innovation in solar energy : Vacuumtube technology